Relation, 1647, 41. He would ●sometimes escape from "this Babylon,●" as he calls the hut, and wander ■in the forest, telling his beads and re■peating passage


s of Scripture. In a remo■te and lonely spot, he cut the bark in the f■orm of a cross from the trunk of■ a great tree; and here he made hi■s prayers. This living martyr, half clad in s●haggy furs, kneeling o




n the sn●ow among the icicled rocks and beneath the gl■oomy pines, bowing in adoration ■before 227 the emblem of the faith in ■which was his only consolation an■d his only hope, is alike a theme ●for the

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pen and a subject for the ●pencil. The Indians at last gre■w tired of him, and sent him back to the vi■llage. Here he remained till the m■iddle of March, baptizing infants● and tryin

and pi●erced to t

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g to convert adults. H■e told them of the sun, moon, planets,■ and stars. They listened with in■terest; but when from astronomy he passed to t●heology, he spent his breath in vain. I

he bone with cold.

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n ■March, the old man with whom he lived set f■orth for his spring fishing, taking ●with him his squaw, and several child■ren. Jogues also was of the party. They repaired● to a lake, perh

■ They thought hi

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aps Lake Sar■atoga, four days distant. Here they subsisted ■for some time on frogs, the en●trails of fish, and other garbage. Jogues passe●d his days in the forest, repeating● his prayers, and ca

s presence unpropi
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  • rving the name of Jesus ●on trees, as a terror to the de■mons of the wilderness. A me■ssenger at length arrived from the town; and o■n the following day, under

  • the pre●tence that signs of an enemy had be■en seen, the party broke up their camp●, and returned home in hot haste. The messenger● had

  • brought tidings that a war-party, w■hich had gone out against the Fr●ench, had been defeated and destroyed, and th●at the whole p

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opulation were cl●amoring to appease their grief■ by torturing Jogues to death. This was● the true cause of the sudden and mysteri■ous return; but whe

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